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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Owl's Eye View Magazine ISSUE 7 is ONLINE NOW!!

Greetings Ooky Readers,

"Owl's Eye View Magazine" Issue 7 is online now for your ooky pleasure! 

I guess the big news for the month is that for the immediate future, I will be covering my novel/novella length projects within the "Swooping through the Years" and "From the Perch" columns, starting this issue.  The reason Cedric D'Orr is writing "Swooping through the Years" at least until December is that his is the central character in my novel “Zeons.”   I was having tremendous personal difficulty producing "Owl's Eye View Magazine" every month and also producing novel-length projects as well, because of additional responsibilities I’m contending with in my personal life.  Long story short, it was too much, and something had to give.  "Owl's Eye View Magazine" is an excellent writing platform for me.  My characters’ columns give me all sorts of styles and voices with which to tell my ideas and stories.  Perhaps when the grandmunchkins are both in school I will work on a separate novel length project, but for the next couple of years I will probably be concentrating on short stories and the columns.  This is a good thing.  The quality of the columns and short stories will improve with my ability to give them my undivided attention. 

It’s been a productive month here in Owl’s Nest.  I FINALLY finished "Swooping through the Years" Issue 11, and Issue 12, the conclusion of the Zeons series of articles should be smooth sailing; although I’m careful about such expectations since the minute I think things (in my writing or in real life) are going great, that’s when all hell breaks loose.  But the meat of the series is mostly together. 

Tuesday I pulled together for the ‘Malaise’ series of columns that will be in "Owl's Eye View Magazine" from January through June of 2014.  It’s looking like an interesting story line.  I was up at 2 in the morning and worked on Perch until a little after one in the afternoon.  At the end of Malaise I have to decide if I want to eliminate "From the Perch," due to changes in the Owl's Nest story line—but that’s all I’m saying, muahaha!  And I have a year to decide about a possible new format for "Owl's Eye View Magazine."

If you have any input, email me, I promise you I’m listening.  and put “ooky input” in the subject line.  Or post on my Facebook page or message me! 

Okay, here it is; this is the ookiness lurking in "Owl's Eye View Magazine" this month, snarling, licking its chops, just waiting for you to come along: 

Nathan Williams has a final remark about his love of info-mining to tuck into "Swooping through the Years", and then Cedric D'Orr begins his fascinating story about turning oppressed Peons into Zeons.  I’m not sure what that means, but I’m sure we’re in for big bowl of ooky with Cedric at the helm of "Swooping through the Years" for the next six issues. 

Meredith Alden warns Owls about being distracted by commitments outside their community in "From the Perch". 

In her poem “Whore,” Lisa Galloway offers us a broad perspective on such a title in "Visceral Verse."

In "Macabre Mirth" Melanie Mirth provides a view on cosmetics. 

As my short story tells, it doesn’t take an earthquake to make you realize that all corporate roads lead “To Nowhere.” 
Minions send a vivid message to the human species in my short story, “Slick.” 




Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Owl's Eye View Magazine ISSUE 6 is ONLINE NOW!!

Greetings Ooky Revelers! 

I have quite a literary gorge for this issue. 

There’s a changing of the guard, at least for awhile in "Swooping Through the Years.”  Nathan Williams will be subletting his column to vodou priest Cedric D’Orr at least until the end of this year.  Don’t miss any of the ookiness! 

Meredith Alden talks about the need for solidarity if Owl's Nest is to survive in "From the Perch". 

In “Visceral Verse” Lisa Galloway shares a poem of devotion.

Melanie Mirth shares another of her morbid little fantasies, this time of an aviary nature, in "Macabre Mirth". 

My short story “Pickles” may just make your mouth water. 

When you get to work in the morning will you know where your road leads?  My short story “To Nowhere” will give you a little chill…

And of course, there is the final, mind-blowing installment of “Parliament” that will fill you in on all the gory details of Meredith Alden’s sordid and ooky lineage.  Don’t miss the shocking conclusion that launches you into the terrifying present and promises many more chilling doom in Owl's Nest’s future!

So brace yourself for the onslaught of ooky! 




Terri DelCampo - Managing Editor of Owl's Eye View Magazine
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