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Friday, July 15, 2011

Issue 7 is ONLINE NOW!

Owl’s Eye View is packed with ooky little tidbits this month, to keep you properly chilled through the heat-waves. 

“From the Perch” is interesting, and not the usual Meredith fare.  Owl Maiden takes a turn from her family history this month to tell us about an ‘acquisition’ of sorts at the Owl’s Nest Gallery. 

Have any nasty experiences with weeds?  Lucy Bernelli can commiserate with you in this issue’s “On the WindSpirit.”

Nathan Williams swoops back through history and links Stephen Hannigan to Stolas, Prince of Hell.  Check out “Swooping Through the Years” for another look into Owl’s Nest history. 

Larry Nunn has a gruesome little tale about crossing the line between encouraging and pushing your kid too hard in “Screech On!” 

Melanie Mirth offers a quick chill this issue—just the title, “Trumping Sociopaths” should perk your interest, right?  “Macabre Mirth” always has some quirky little piece, and this issue is no exception. 

I whipped through my ideas folder and came across the impetus for the story “Hoarder.”  It’ll make you think twice before helping someone clean out the garage. 

“The Trees Saw…” is whole new twist for guys who pull the old gender double standard on their wives and girlfriends!  You see?  I keep telling everyone dark fiction writers don’t get mad, they just write ass-hats into stories.  Muahaha!

And of course if you’re looking for a lengthier read, there’s the second installment of “Into the Mist” which should keep you shivering nicely through the heat-waves. 

So you go ahead and start reading, and I’ll grab some iced tea and start working on next issue. 

Thank you for reading!  Chills!

Sunday, July 3, 2011


I just want to say that though I will post the "Life's a Hoot" column from the OEV site, that is not what this blog is all about.  I will try and give you bits and pieces about characters, the columnists, behind the scenes looks into the creation of the magazine, and opinion and ideas about not only the magazine, but the writing and publishing process as well. 

For instance, I am currently proposing a book version of the magazine, which would be a series of books that would have 6 issues of the magazine each.  So readers would get a complete novel (or two novellas), plus all the short stories contained in six issues, plus all the columns as well on a semi-annual basis. 

Interested?  Cool!  Leave comments that I can quote to publishers! 

In the meantime, read, read, read!  Check out for your daily dose of ooky! 


Life's a Hoot Column from Issue 6

Greetings to you, my reading friends!

Let’s see, it’s been a busy month.  On a personal note, in Pennsylvania I’ve finally moved into my room, thanks to my industrious son and his father-in-law who have worked like fiends to finish it, and the bathroom in the basement.  The window they installed means I have a sunny little room that makes me very happy, and though the bathroom is far from finished, the toilet is installed and working, which is all I need until they can get to the shower and sink.  So I am no longer sleeping in the middle of Grand Central Station otherwise known as my son’s living room.  Whew!

On a sad note, there has been a tragic loss in my Georgia family.  Roey, my wrinkled-butt dear friend has passed into brain-death due to complications during surgery.  Family members are flying in as I write this column, and by the time this issue of Owl's Eye View goes online Roey’s family will have allowed him to pass into the afterlife.  My love and prayers go with him, and certainly to my family in Georgia who are stricken deeply with the loss of such an energetic, loving, funny, and decent man who was loved by one and all.  I’ll miss you Wrinkle-Butt!  

On a happier note, I am feeling great relief at having my toes fixed.  They are healing as I write, and I am grateful to Dr. Alexander Terris and his staff  for their skill and for the hilarious conversation I had during the procedure that was almost better than the Novocain…almost.

So this month came with a little happiness, a little stress-relief, and sadly, some grief.  Life goes on and on.

And so I come to this issue of Owl's Eye View:

First off, let me tell you that I have a book called People of Owl’s Nest, that is a listing of everyone in Owl’s Nest, with their descriptions and background information.  I keep these notes so that when I use on-going characters in novels and short stories, there is believable continuity and my readers don’t have to email me saying I screwed up someone’s eye color or lineage, or who was waiting tables at Paula’s Pantry in 1932, or who were the cops on duty in 2001.

Nathan Williams was in my office the other day while I was skimming through People of Owl’s Nest looking up background information for a story.  He started nosing through my People of Owl’s Nest notes and asked if he could publish them in his column.  Knowing how organized and professional he is, I figure it can only be a good thing to let him have at it.  Knowing Nate, he’ll probably dig up stories I didn’t even know took place—so look for segments of People of Owl’s Nest in “Swooping Through the Years” in future issues.

However, this issue, Nathan writes about his own personal experience with the Holden estate.  Consider it a little warm-up for the first excerpt of my novel, “Into the Mist,” which appears in this issue.  Hope you enjoy both.

In “From the Perch” Meredith Alden covers more of her family history with a story about her curious travels into the past to learn about her great-grandmother, Maggie.  Interesting read.

“On the WindSpirit” contains a vital message from an abuse victim.  All I’m saying.  Read the column and take heed.

Larry Nunn comes across a surprise in the Music Niche that spurs his “Screech On!” column for this issue.  Sheer ookiness!

Macabre Mirth is, well, macabre as usual.  “Amputation” will surely ook you out, and leave you hoping you aren’t the friend Melanie Mirth is writing about.  (Just kidding Mel!)

My short stories for this issue are “Running Grudge” which is a little piece of Owl’s Nest history, not to infringe on Nathan William’s territory, and “Work it, Baby!” which hopefully will zing you with some irony.

And finally comes the first installment of “Into the Mist,” my novel about the Wynthrop/Holden legends.  Hopefully you will enjoy the ookiness over the next seven issues.

In the meantime I hope your summer is off to a good start.  We’re having a little heat wave here in Owl’s Nest, which is supposed to break next week.  Looking forward to that.

In the meantime, read, read, read!  Hopefully you’ll get some chills to keep you cool in the summer sun.

By the way, Happy Fathers’ Day to all you dads who are reading!



Announcing the Official Owl's Eye View Magazine Blog

More ookiness, you say?  My thoughts are that there is never enough ookiness in the world.  And gives you access to everything Owl's Nest.  The blog is an extension of the magazine, so if you're looking for a personal look into the mind and soul of Managing Editor Terri DelCampo, you just might find what you're looking for here at blogspot.  I'll be in touch with tidbits and ideas from time to time, keep reading!  Chills!